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We started the online radio station in 2012 when our town became the city of culture. Nigel, The Owner of the station, was a DJ since he was 17 years old, playing up and down the country. In 2012 he helped produce music for the London Olympics, and came up with the idea of the online station with Paul the Senior Advisor, when Londonderry / Derry became the city of culture.


When we started people doubted us, but Nigel worked it out and ran the station for a few years, suffering abuse and bullying, and with a lack of support, closed the station down. 


So fast forward 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the world, we decided to launch a fresh platform called; We Are One Radio, targeting worldwide listeners.

Our Head of Staff team consists of

Nigel (The Owner) Paul (Senior Advisor) Barry (Station Manager) Joe (Station & Media Manager) Diego (International Translator)

The aim? Bringing everyone together purely with the love of music. Nigel, Joe & Barry manages much of the station day-to-day, and Nigel also is the technical engineer.

DJ's usually perform for 2 hours each session, with their choice of genre and specialty, making it a truly unique experience on every show. Find your favourites, and see when they play on our timetable here, and check out their profiles!

Welcome to We Are One Radio.

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